zondag 7 augustus 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 5 Alcohol Ink & Yupo

Well already day 5, sigh............ Alcohol Ink (love to work with them!) & Yupo

I must say, this day the alcohol inks didn't agree with me :-
Lots of paper went into the bin.

Technique 1: Alcohol Ink Stamped Resist on Yupo
With the bright colors I couldn't get a nice resist, I got better results with glossy paper & Stazon Ink.
But I managed to get some result with a black&oregano background.

Technique 2: Alcohol Ink Faded Layers on Yupo
Again not the result I hoped for; no white resist, but still a nice result.

 Technique 3: Alcohol Ink Faded Texture on Yupo
This one I couldn't do as I have no embossing machine.
Too bad :-(

Technique 4: Alcohol Ink Painting
Don't you love that cat ;-)
Technique 5: Alcohol Ink Fluid Landscapes on Yupo.
Now this is something I really enjoyed doing !
Technique 6: Alcohol Ink Splattered Florals on Yupo.
I have done this technique before on splash cards and it worked perfectly with my air brush.
Not so well on Yupo though.

Totally enjoyed this week experimenting and learning, thank you Tim Holtz !

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