maandag 28 mei 2007

Last two trips and back home

Well, I did win some money in the casino , so took the boat to Japan (Nippon), wonderful country..........
then last trip was to Ghana , where I was so lucky to meet my favourite animal the giraffe in person.......happy me!!

Back home I made my journal for you all too see!!

Hope you like my first try to make this Altered Event........

thanx for taking your time to read it........

Next stop

Next stop was lovely Italy, then I ran out of money, so went to a casino to see if I could upload my travelling funds :-)))

Next 2 countries on my AB trip

Next stop was England, where I ran into the Bobbies, ofcourse I drove on the wrong side of the road, quickly I took the train underneath the Channel to my beloved France, climbed the eiffeltower and had some refreshments on a terras.

Front and first 2 trips.

These are the front and the first 2 countries I went in my book. I decided to make it into a travelling book, so painted the front and put one of the embellishments (the cow, symbol of my region Fryslân) on it. Then I started my trip on the motorbike to Belgium , buying some famous lace , then by car to Germany, where I had cartrouble (KRIK is a carfitter tool) .

My first Altered Book

So I made my first altered book yesterday, it was a challenge on a Yahoo Group , stuff was sent to us with the assignment to create something, no matter what, with it. I bought a children's book for 50 eurocents and started , putting gesso on all pages, to cover the glossy part. Then took a scissor and cut off some of the edges for easy browsing.