zondag 24 juni 2007

Another week of Bernie Berlin trials

This week we will make a background with papers of the phonebook, I found a page and picture that match quite nicely (SAILING).
Second one is using string, several times wrapped around you card or use it in any other way you like....I used a photo from National Geographic, wrapped the rope around the tree on the left and above&beneath the ropeclimber on the right.
For the 2nd one I took a page from a comicbook, used the string to hang the cookingpot.
Third assignment was making a background with painted tissuepaper, that was lots of fun and in the still wet tissue you can push lots of things, like eyelets etc, I used some bling-bling:-)). The picture didn't need to be glued either, stuck right into the wet tissue!
For the 2nd I used beads and a small mirror for embellishment and a nice photo from a catcalendar.

dinsdag 19 juni 2007

Polished atc's from the workshop this week

And here are the polished atc's with the right glue, on the second I smeared only a few branches of the trees and the beak of the bird (eating a berry) with the glue (for the resist), on the other I used the glue on the face and part of the arm of the lady and on the violin'stick' . Then I 'created' her hair with some oilpastels.

Part 3 of this weeks Bernie Berlin's workshop

The 3rd workshop this week was to work with the chromepolisher NevrDull, I wasn't able to buy it here, but searching through my cleaning stuff I found a polisher for synthetic material that worked in the same way. Funny, this jar was in my kitchencupboard, unused, for over 4 years and I often thought to throw it away as I had no use for it in my new home, but now I am only too glad I kept it......

The first tries were not to my satisfaction, but that was because I used the wrong type of glue, when I found the right glue, it worked like a charm:-))

I will show you first the 'failed' atc's.

zondag 17 juni 2007

Another altered magazine photo

Here is another altered magazine photo.

Although I am sure I cannot draw, this was fun to do, I can assure you :-)))

Another week with Bernie Berlin's ATC book

I only did lesson 1 and 2 of the 3rd week just now, the last one will follow, don't worry :-)
I wasn't able to get the necessary supplies for the last part of this weeks workshop.
But I will try to get them this week, if not, I will use my sister's stuff when I visit her next weekend!!
First photo is a collage of magazine picures.
Next one is a magazine photo, altered with gesso and acrylic paint.
Now this was fun to do!!!

maandag 11 juni 2007

Some more atc's from week 2

Here are some more atc's I made with the workshops from week 2.
a man standing in the ocean fishing for a living....
I used gauze for the 1st stencil layer, then I punched out the fish a few times on printerpaper and used the punched holes as stencil. Stamped the rain over it .

Thoughts: background with inky layers.

Workshops week 2 Bernie Berlin's book

This week we will be following the workhops:

1. Leafing Pen Resist (atc with the Asian Couple)

2. Inky Layers (atc SchoolDays)

3. Stencils (atc African Sunset)

All 3 were worth while trying, the last layer on the 2nd was with iridescent ink, what gives it a shiny, sparkling result what you cannot clearly see on the scan.

My craftsheet & my fingers were nice and shiny too afterwards :-)

The 2nd layer on the stencil one was done using gauze and then dipping acrylic paint (but you can use an inkpad as well I guess) with a sponge on it.

donderdag 7 juni 2007

Some more atc's from BB's workshop

Here are some more atc's with a background of watercolors on babywipes!

This will be a creative summer I think:-))

Bernie Berlin's ATC Workshop book

I am at the moment following the lessons in Bernie Berlin's book ArtistTradingCard workshops.

It is happening on A.R.T. yahoogroup.

This week the first 3 workshops were due.

1. Intuitive watercolor.
2. Watercolors on babywipe.
3. Paint on paper towel with metallic looking paint.
Above you see my creations.........

zondag 3 juni 2007

More connected atc's

I also made a set of 2 (women) , 3 (by the sea) and 9 (native americans) connected atc's this weekend.
They might be dressed-up some more with eyelets, flowers or small feathers before I send them to the swap hostesses, I haven't decide d on that yet.

Card 5 inch Grungy Style

Also made a Grungy Style Card today, was busy with the alcohol inks anyway:-)

I really love this way of creating cards and atc's !

4connecting atc's 'grungy' style

I took a piece of glossy cardstock ,a little smaller than the size of 4 atc's.
Made the background using alcohol ink, glued on that a page of an old book, also covered with the same colors alcohol ink, then covered the whole with some gesso.
Rubberstamped randomly some background stamps, not too precise (grungy style), cut the paper into 4 atc's, put a printed photo on all 4, stamped a little more, also slightly on the photo's.
At the end I used some lids of various bottles, dipped them into the gesso and made circles on the atc's.
Then mounted all 4 on black cardstock.

The idea of the white circles is from another , very talented, Dutch stamper.