maandag 24 december 2007

Sint Nicolaas

A tradition in The Netherlands on December 5th.

Sint Nicolaas (Sinterklaas) celebrates his birthday and gives presents to all children, at least if they have been a good boy or girl in the past year.
But, even if he has your name in his big red book, in the end you get your present anyway, but when we were young we did have stomachache by the thought what he might have written in his book.....
He comes with all his Zwarte Pieten on a steamboat from Spain. On the photo you see me as 1 year old with my grandfather holding my hand......

Merry Christmas

This Christmascard is for the challenge on mixed media monday as this weeks theme is Christmas :-))

55th wedding anniversary

I made this card for my parents who celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary today.

maandag 10 december 2007

Happy Holidays

With this card I want to wish you all very happy holidays and a healthy 2008 with lots of creative moments!


woensdag 31 oktober 2007

wednesday stamper WILD WEST

this week the theme on wednesday stamper is WILD WEST.
My entry will be this card.

Mixed Media Monday

This week the theme on Mixed Media Monday is BIRDS.
My entry will be this 4x4.

zondag 28 oktober 2007

wednesday stamper growing old

I have seen many great creations this week!!
My entry will be these 2 atc's for the challenge growing old on wednesday stamper


this week's challenge on thankgoditsfriday is the use of stamps.
My contribution is this stamped atc, theme Van Gogh.


this week the challenge on inspiremethursday is halloween.
Saturday Stampers have the same theme.

So my contribution for both challenges is this atc I made.

artygirlz weekly challenge

this week the challenge on artygirlz is to make something with Circles/Dots/Spots. I decided to upload this grungy card I made.

maandag 22 oktober 2007


for the new theme on TMTA , namely FRIENDS I want to upload this atc with 2 of my furry friends:-)

Vintage Women

Well, I decided to uploads these 2 matching atc's for the Vintage Women Challenge on
Mixed Media Monday...........

Vintage me

For this 4*4 card I used a black&white photo of myself, distressed it a little, put it on a background made with alcohol ink and finished with some lace and a few flowers. Haven't decided yet if it needs some words or a phrase...

I might use it for the challenge on MixedMediaMonday though.

maandag 8 oktober 2007

Autumn colours

It's been a while since I updated my blog.
I made some autumn atc's over the weekend, just found out the theme on wednesday stamper is autumn colours, so I like to upload this atc for that theme.

zondag 9 september 2007

Mulberry/handmade papers

This week the theme on Wednesday Stamper is using Mulberry or handmade papers.
My contribution is this card.

I stamped the bamboo with versamark ink and heat-embosssed, then coloured the washi-paper (I am not sure if this is called mulberry paper) with alcohol inks, afterwards ironed it to remove the embossed part. After layering it onto cardstock I stamped the text and panda.

Week 13 of Bernie Berlin's ATC workshops

So now we have come almost to the end of the book.
The next 3 weeks we can choose from some of the so-called 'ultra-cards' in the book.
It can be pen-drawn, diptich or triptich (2 or 3 connected atc's), folded, children atc's or digital.
I made this week diptich, so a 2-connected serie, I used the painted papertowel technique out of the beginning of the book for the background.

Theme Men on TMTA

This week the theme on TMTA
is MEN.
I decided to make a digital tribute to Rutger Hauer, one of my fav. moviestars.
Here it is:

vrijdag 31 augustus 2007

Wednesday Stamper

this week's theme on wednesdaystamper is BLUE, my contribution is this blue stamped spiral cat in atc size.

maandag 27 augustus 2007

TMTA theme metal

This week the theme for TMTA is metal.
I stamped the tiger, added some metal wire, tore it as if the tiger jumpes out and added a metal painting-hanger with brads.

Working with friendly plastic

This week in Bernie Berlin's book friendly plastic is the basic for the atc we are working on.
It is not my favourite material. The plastic crawls when cooling and it is hard to keep it nice flat.
Also stamping in/on it didn't work for me :-((
But I do like the result though.......pushed some charms into one and eyelets in the other.

Working with mica

This time we are working with mica. I made the atc totally see-through with the mica, but you can also use just a piece of it on an atc.
In between the 2 pieces mica I placed a transfer of a woman and some dried flowers.
The mica itself I coloured with alcohol ink.

Working with metal tape

The workshops with BB's book, which still is great to do, keep going on. Yet another 8 weeks I believe.....
This week some different ways using Metal Tape.
First: putting alcohol ink on a piece of tape, then tearing it in small pieces and brayer/flatten them on an atc. Finish it with a picture and charms/embellishments.

Second: stamp on the tape, make the lines deeper with your stylus tool/embossingpen. Then rub black paint in it and smear it off again. I finished this one with punched out clovers of metal tape, coloured with alcohol ink.

maandag 20 augustus 2007

TMTA theme music

this week on the theme is MUSIC.
I've uploaded this fabric atc for the theme.

maandag 13 augustus 2007

Think Monday Think ATC

this week on ....the theme is zahlen/numbers,
so I decided to upload one of the atc's I made following Bernie Berlin's workshops. This one's background is made with the so-called 'inkly layers' technique.

maandag 6 augustus 2007

another week with Bernie's workshops

this time sewing is the theme.
First lesson is hand-sewing. I used a fabric with zebra/safariprint, stitched a geltransfer (on muslin) on it and finished with a beadbracelet around the transfer.

Second lesson is using the sewingmachine, with 2 different techniques.
1. Basic is fabric ( I used part of old jeans ), then sewing a paper picture on top and finishing with handstitching.

2. Basic is paper. Sewing a page of an old book, part of a printed photo and a transparancy together on your machine. I placed the (rubberstamped) transparancy in a way so it looks as if the girl on the photo has a mustache :-))

weekly theme TMTA

this week the theme for TMTA ( Think Monday Think ATC ) is TAGS.
My contribution is the following atc:

dinsdag 31 juli 2007

wednesday stamper

ik zal me ook eens wagen aan/ I will give it a try, the wednesday stamper ( ).Het is nu een vrij thema ivm vakantietijd/during vacation season they have a free theme.

maandag 30 juli 2007

TMTA Think-Monday-Think-ATC

this week the subject on is Liebespaare - Lovers.
I think this cute kitty-couple is so sweet that it will be my contribution.

Week 8 with Bernie Berlin's workshops

This week we are making backgrounds with images on fabric and fibers.
1: no-sew fabric.
Draw, stamp of copy an image (black&white) on fabric (muslin) and color it with fabricmarkers, gelpens or any other item what works for you. Then iron it with fusible webbing (vlieseline) on a piece of felt.
I stamped the image of the woman and the hearts on a piece of cottonfabric and coloured it with Le Plume inkpens.

2. fused fibers.
The point is to -using fusible webbing (vlieseline)- get the fibers stuck on the backgroundpaper, then put some embossing powder over it and with another piece of fusible webbing heat it with your iron.
It makes a wonderful structure, almost a shame to put a picture over it.

Dimensional resin

Here it is then, the last atc from Bernie Berlin's workshops in week 7, dimensional resin. As I do not have a melting pot, I had to find another way of getting the result. So I made (like in the glass-like resin workshop) lots of UTEE layers, about 10! While heating the last layer I placed the charms and gems in the warm utee and then poured Ranger Glossy Accents over it and let dry. After it had dried I stamped the man&woman and the hearts on the back.

dinsdag 24 juli 2007

Think Monday-Think ATC

this week the theme for TMTA is holiday/urlaub/vacation.
I have uploaded this atc.
The reason is that my husband loved the city; in fact he loved all of France, specially the wine and the cheese :-))))
And Paris, well, we had a great time there.

zondag 22 juli 2007

week 7 of Bernie Berlin's workshop book

after a break last week, we are throwing ourselves in the workshops again:-))
This time the workshops will be:
1. resin fresco.
2. glass-like resin.
3. dimensional resin.
The last one will give some problems, because we have to use a melting pot and I do not have one and it is too expensive to just purchase one only for this workshop.
Well, the first 2 I finished , so will show these now.

zaterdag 21 juli 2007

This week's theme for
I uploaded this atc for the theme.

maandag 9 juli 2007

Another week with workshops from Bernie Berlin's book

This week we will be doing 1. Emboss-Resist and 2. Embossing Scraps (which is fun to do!!).
Kind of like serendipity, what I like very much, but then as extra dimension the embossing of the glued edges of the scraps.
I will show you a few a my samples for this week.

monday atc for

this week the theme for wordpress ( ) is faces, so I uploaded this atc for the theme.

zondag 1 juli 2007

Second workshop from week 5

this time we are working with transfers, what gave me some problems.
When I discovered the best was to use 'fresh' printed images, already lots of photo's had been thrown away:-((
But......finally it worked! The pos/neg one was transfered with water and glued on painted babywipe.

The other 2 were actually bright coloured images, had not my printer gone low on blue ink, so they all came out pink!!
'Live your passion' is transfered with water on paper, 'Enchanted heart' is transfered with gel medium on fabric.

the 5th week following Bernie Berlin's workshops

this week we had to play with foam, either pre-cut or selfmade from a larger piece.
I used pre-cut pieces of animals (cow, pig, sheep) with a few smaller figures, glued on paper, covered with gesso, then painted over it and finally stamped over the intire atc.
I'll show 2 of the atc's I made with this technique.

zondag 24 juni 2007

Another week of Bernie Berlin trials

This week we will make a background with papers of the phonebook, I found a page and picture that match quite nicely (SAILING).
Second one is using string, several times wrapped around you card or use it in any other way you like....I used a photo from National Geographic, wrapped the rope around the tree on the left and above&beneath the ropeclimber on the right.
For the 2nd one I took a page from a comicbook, used the string to hang the cookingpot.
Third assignment was making a background with painted tissuepaper, that was lots of fun and in the still wet tissue you can push lots of things, like eyelets etc, I used some bling-bling:-)). The picture didn't need to be glued either, stuck right into the wet tissue!
For the 2nd I used beads and a small mirror for embellishment and a nice photo from a catcalendar.