zondag 16 maart 2008

Inspired by Nancy Curry

Some more efforts following the workshops guided by Nancy Curry's book.
Sunset view, Perfect Paisley, Parallels:

All things celtic

This week on Gothic Arches the theme is All Things Celtic.
I was inspired by St Patrick's Day/the colour green and made this arch, the background is a piece of wallpaper, I stamped and heat-embossed celtic spirals in light green and a few smaller spirals in green:

Be Inspired

This week on Skinny Saturday the theme is Be Inspired. Make a sknny WITH an atc.
This is my contribution:


This week, on TMTA the theme is the colourful world of fashion.
This is my contribution.

zondag 9 maart 2008


On 4x4 friday this week's theme is PETS.
I made this card with this cat's face rubberstamp, using the resist technique. I just love this stamp.....


On Mixed Media Monday last week's theme was Music.
For another challenge I received an envelope filled with lots of stuff and the goal was to create something with it.
I have been searching for songlyrics to match the items that were send to me to make a music book.
These are some of the pages I came up with: