zaterdag 10 december 2016


Crow views me askance, it is difficult to know what he is thinking....

I made a page in my art journal VivaLasVegastamps!: December Monthtly Challenge

I let the colours inspire me.

This was the inspiration moodboard:

We'd like to inspire you with frames, scallops, doodles, vintage tones, tealgraytanwhiteblack,Christmastrees, WINTER, snowmensquirrels, snow angels, Victorian, house, scenery, road, snowbanks, family & more!

zondag 20 november 2016


Viva Las Vegastamps!: November Challenge :
My inspiration came from the words harlequin, background stamps, circles, yellow, browns, distressed.

We'd like to inspire you with words like gold, warm,  yellow, tansbrownsvintageblack and white, background stamps, doodlesharlequin, diamond, distressed, polka dotsswirls, circles, heartsstripes and more!

zondag 13 november 2016

Where is my mind?

Made for Stampotique Designers Challenge SDC 261 - Human with Animal Head.

Background is done with the gelliplate, paint & stencils.
Circles done with distress markers.
At the bottom grunge paste; when dry coloured with distress markers.

zaterdag 29 oktober 2016

Reaching out for the stars

Stampotique Designers Challenge SDC 260 = Outer Space

I made a page in my art journal.
Used Dylusion inkspray postbox red & lemon zest, partly through a stencil, as background.
Wiped some ink off with a babywipe.
Then stamped the stars and hands.
Accents with a sharpie pen.

zaterdag 15 oktober 2016

Indian Summer

I made a background using alcohol ink.
Stamped the Prickles and the text (Stamps by Art Journey )

I made this card for October challenge #73 Art Journey Design Team - Indian Summer
Also for Craft Stamper Take It Make It Challenge October - Autumnal Creations

woensdag 5 oktober 2016


Viva Las Vegastamps!: October Challenge - Demonic
My inspiration came from stripes, tans, star&dictionary, demonic

You might draw inspiration from the star and or stars, the textdictionary, the numbers, the list aspect, stripes, orangestansblacks & whites, neutrals in general, a SPLASH o' color (any color,) the demonic little beingother stamps by Mary Vogel Lozinak and or anything else you find inspirational about our mood board. 

dinsdag 27 september 2016


Made for Country View Challenges: September Challenge -Travel

Who doesn't want to travel to the ocean.....


My 2nd entry for SDC 257 Put a Bug on it

maandag 26 september 2016


Art Journey Design-team: Challenge 72 = Numbers and Letters

I made a page in my Art journal
Background done with various paints (Distress & Acrylic)

zondag 25 september 2016


Made for Craft Stamper Magazine Take it Make it Challenge September.

Stamped the image twice on watercolor paper.
Coloured one with ecoline brusho pens and cut out.
Put some brusho&water on the background and glued the cut-out image with thick doubled sided tape on the background stamped image.
Letters are rub ons.

Put a Bug on it

SDC 257 week 2 Put a Bug on it

Background with brusho&water, distress crayons.
Stamped my new arrivals Cecil and Spider Witch and coloured with distress markers&oilpastels.
Accents with oilpastels, black gesso.

zaterdag 24 september 2016


ATC made for challenge #28 on Lost Coast Portal To Creativity.

Stamped the image twice, coloured both and cut 2 squares out of one.
Put Ranger Matte Accents on the squares and placed them on the stamped image.

Parallel World

Tag made for Craft Stamper Magazine September Challenge Take it Make it


Made for Craft Stamper Magazine: Take it Make it challenge September.
Th scanner doesn't take quite the colours I used, it is more of a greenish blue.

zaterdag 10 september 2016

Halloween on VLV

September challenge on VivaLasVegastamps is all about Halloween.
I made a page in my artjournal.
And this is the photo challenge:
I do have both skeleton gnome stamps, but ended up with quite something different :-)

zondag 21 augustus 2016

SDC255 Polka Dots

Stampotique Designers Challenge SDC255 : Polka Dots

I used various alcohol inks on the craftsheet with blending solution and swiped the card through the ink.
The web is done by carefully sponging some blending solution through a stencil.
Polka dots with a stencil and a permanent marker.

SDC254 Text Background

For Stampotique Designers Challenge #254 Text Background

I made a crinkled watercolor background before stamping the text and face.

VLV challenge 2016-08

For the August challenge on Viva Las Vegastamps:
After stamping and coloring I sealed the image with a coating. Then put distress inks salty ocean, mowed lawn and picked raspberry on my craftsheet, sprayed water en swept the card through the ink. Dried with heattool. Accents with black gesso and a sharpie.

This is the inspiration board:

We are inspiring you with words like boldBRIGHTintuitivestrongwomenfeminineARTIST,artsysplatterscriptpolka dotscolor blocksnumbers, alphas, pinkteallime greenwhite,black, stencils and more.

zondag 7 augustus 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 5 Alcohol Ink & Yupo

Well already day 5, sigh............ Alcohol Ink (love to work with them!) & Yupo

I must say, this day the alcohol inks didn't agree with me :-
Lots of paper went into the bin.

Technique 1: Alcohol Ink Stamped Resist on Yupo
With the bright colors I couldn't get a nice resist, I got better results with glossy paper & Stazon Ink.
But I managed to get some result with a black&oregano background.

Technique 2: Alcohol Ink Faded Layers on Yupo
Again not the result I hoped for; no white resist, but still a nice result.

 Technique 3: Alcohol Ink Faded Texture on Yupo
This one I couldn't do as I have no embossing machine.
Too bad :-(

Technique 4: Alcohol Ink Painting
Don't you love that cat ;-)
Technique 5: Alcohol Ink Fluid Landscapes on Yupo.
Now this is something I really enjoyed doing !
Technique 6: Alcohol Ink Splattered Florals on Yupo.
I have done this technique before on splash cards and it worked perfectly with my air brush.
Not so well on Yupo though.

Totally enjoyed this week experimenting and learning, thank you Tim Holtz !

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 4 Distress Crayons

Already Day 4 !

I only have one set of the crayons, so not much of a variety in colors on these tags. I know what is on my wishing list, they are awesome to work with !

Technique 1: Distress Crayon Smudge
Technique 2: Distress Crayon Gesso Fresco

Technique 3: Distress Crayon Textured Resist
I splattered a little bit too much water I think........stencilprints faded a bit.
Technique 4: Distress Crayon Watercolor Resist

Technique 5: Distress Crayon Blended Background
Technique 6: Distress Crayon Layered Coloring

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 3 Distress Collage Mediums & Textures

Day 3 of Creative Chemistry 103 is about Distress Collage Mediums & Textures

Technique 1: Distress Layered Collage ( Love this one !!)
Technique 2: Texture Paste Coloring

Technique 3: Texture Paste Embossing

Technique 4: Texture Paste Resist (wow, this is awesome!)
Technique 5: Distress Grit-Paste Grunge
Well I couldn't get the grid-paste here in The Netherlands, so I tried to create something kind-of-similar with thick gesso and some sand from my sand-painting days ;-)
Ofcourse not the same effect but I still like it.

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 2 Distress Paint & Sprays

Day 2 of Creative Chemistry 103 is about Distress Paints & Sprays

Technique 1: Distress Paint Resist
Technique 2: Distress Paint Lifting
Technique 3: Distress Stain Rub Resist

Technique 4: Distress Luminous Mica
You have to try a few times to get a nice spray of the mica, first I only got drops :-)

Technique 5: Distress Marker Spritzed Watercolor

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 1 Distress Accessories

This week I followed Creative Chemistry 103 by the talented Tim Holtz ( )

I took a week vacation to do this.
Original reason for taking the week off was sad news, because the vet told me that my sweetheart Mikey has a malicious tumor, so I wanted to take a week off to spend some xtra time with him.
He has been sitting on my lap a lot while I was playing with my inks, stains, crayons and even the alcohol inks, so sweet....... He seems to feel ok right now. Hope he stays for a while longer.

 Anyway, here are my results :-)

Technique 1: Distress DIY
1st one on a manilla tag, 2nd on specialty stamping paper. Inkpad is made with tumbled glass, peacock feathers & faded jeans.
Technique 2: Distress Highlight Stamping Technique.
I love this one!!
And here is technique 3: Distress Off-set stamping
Technique 4: Distress Washed Watercolor

And the last one for day 1, technique 5: Distress Micro-Glaze resist.

zondag 31 juli 2016


For Viva Las Vegastamps Challenge July - steampunk I made an atc