dinsdag 31 juli 2007

wednesday stamper

ik zal me ook eens wagen aan/ I will give it a try, the wednesday stamper ( http://wednesdaystamper.wordpress.com ).Het is nu een vrij thema ivm vakantietijd/during vacation season they have a free theme.

maandag 30 juli 2007

TMTA Think-Monday-Think-ATC

this week the subject on http://tmta.wordpress.com/ is Liebespaare - Lovers.
I think this cute kitty-couple is so sweet that it will be my contribution.

Week 8 with Bernie Berlin's workshops

This week we are making backgrounds with images on fabric and fibers.
1: no-sew fabric.
Draw, stamp of copy an image (black&white) on fabric (muslin) and color it with fabricmarkers, gelpens or any other item what works for you. Then iron it with fusible webbing (vlieseline) on a piece of felt.
I stamped the image of the woman and the hearts on a piece of cottonfabric and coloured it with Le Plume inkpens.

2. fused fibers.
The point is to -using fusible webbing (vlieseline)- get the fibers stuck on the backgroundpaper, then put some embossing powder over it and with another piece of fusible webbing heat it with your iron.
It makes a wonderful structure, almost a shame to put a picture over it.

Dimensional resin

Here it is then, the last atc from Bernie Berlin's workshops in week 7, dimensional resin. As I do not have a melting pot, I had to find another way of getting the result. So I made (like in the glass-like resin workshop) lots of UTEE layers, about 10! While heating the last layer I placed the charms and gems in the warm utee and then poured Ranger Glossy Accents over it and let dry. After it had dried I stamped the man&woman and the hearts on the back.

dinsdag 24 juli 2007

Think Monday-Think ATC

this week the theme for TMTA is holiday/urlaub/vacation.
I have uploaded this atc.
The reason is that my husband loved the city; in fact he loved all of France, specially the wine and the cheese :-))))
And Paris, well, we had a great time there.

zondag 22 juli 2007

week 7 of Bernie Berlin's workshop book

after a break last week, we are throwing ourselves in the workshops again:-))
This time the workshops will be:
1. resin fresco.
2. glass-like resin.
3. dimensional resin.
The last one will give some problems, because we have to use a melting pot and I do not have one and it is too expensive to just purchase one only for this workshop.
Well, the first 2 I finished , so will show these now.

zaterdag 21 juli 2007

This week's theme for http://tmta.wordpress.com/
I uploaded this atc for the theme.

maandag 9 juli 2007

Another week with workshops from Bernie Berlin's book

This week we will be doing 1. Emboss-Resist and 2. Embossing Scraps (which is fun to do!!).
Kind of like serendipity, what I like very much, but then as extra dimension the embossing of the glued edges of the scraps.
I will show you a few a my samples for this week.

monday atc for wordpress.com

this week the theme for wordpress ( http://tmta.wordpress.com/ ) is faces, so I uploaded this atc for the theme.

zondag 1 juli 2007

Second workshop from week 5

this time we are working with transfers, what gave me some problems.
When I discovered the best was to use 'fresh' printed images, already lots of photo's had been thrown away:-((
But......finally it worked! The pos/neg one was transfered with water and glued on painted babywipe.

The other 2 were actually bright coloured images, had not my printer gone low on blue ink, so they all came out pink!!
'Live your passion' is transfered with water on paper, 'Enchanted heart' is transfered with gel medium on fabric.

the 5th week following Bernie Berlin's workshops

this week we had to play with foam, either pre-cut or selfmade from a larger piece.
I used pre-cut pieces of animals (cow, pig, sheep) with a few smaller figures, glued on paper, covered with gesso, then painted over it and finally stamped over the intire atc.
I'll show 2 of the atc's I made with this technique.