vrijdag 31 augustus 2007

Wednesday Stamper

this week's theme on wednesdaystamper is BLUE, my contribution is this blue stamped spiral cat in atc size.

maandag 27 augustus 2007

TMTA theme metal

This week the theme for TMTA is metal.
I stamped the tiger, added some metal wire, tore it as if the tiger jumpes out and added a metal painting-hanger with brads.

Working with friendly plastic

This week in Bernie Berlin's book friendly plastic is the basic for the atc we are working on.
It is not my favourite material. The plastic crawls when cooling and it is hard to keep it nice flat.
Also stamping in/on it didn't work for me :-((
But I do like the result though.......pushed some charms into one and eyelets in the other.

Working with mica

This time we are working with mica. I made the atc totally see-through with the mica, but you can also use just a piece of it on an atc.
In between the 2 pieces mica I placed a transfer of a woman and some dried flowers.
The mica itself I coloured with alcohol ink.

Working with metal tape

The workshops with BB's book, which still is great to do, keep going on. Yet another 8 weeks I believe.....
This week some different ways using Metal Tape.
First: putting alcohol ink on a piece of tape, then tearing it in small pieces and brayer/flatten them on an atc. Finish it with a picture and charms/embellishments.

Second: stamp on the tape, make the lines deeper with your stylus tool/embossingpen. Then rub black paint in it and smear it off again. I finished this one with punched out clovers of metal tape, coloured with alcohol ink.

maandag 20 augustus 2007

TMTA theme music

this week on http://tmta.wordpress.com/ the theme is MUSIC.
I've uploaded this fabric atc for the theme.

maandag 13 augustus 2007

Think Monday Think ATC

this week on http://tmta.wordpress.com/ ....the theme is zahlen/numbers,
so I decided to upload one of the atc's I made following Bernie Berlin's workshops. This one's background is made with the so-called 'inkly layers' technique.

maandag 6 augustus 2007

another week with Bernie's workshops

this time sewing is the theme.
First lesson is hand-sewing. I used a fabric with zebra/safariprint, stitched a geltransfer (on muslin) on it and finished with a beadbracelet around the transfer.

Second lesson is using the sewingmachine, with 2 different techniques.
1. Basic is fabric ( I used part of old jeans ), then sewing a paper picture on top and finishing with handstitching.

2. Basic is paper. Sewing a page of an old book, part of a printed photo and a transparancy together on your machine. I placed the (rubberstamped) transparancy in a way so it looks as if the girl on the photo has a mustache :-))

weekly theme TMTA

this week the theme for TMTA ( Think Monday Think ATC ) is TAGS.
My contribution is the following atc: