zondag 24 juni 2007

Another week of Bernie Berlin trials

This week we will make a background with papers of the phonebook, I found a page and picture that match quite nicely (SAILING).
Second one is using string, several times wrapped around you card or use it in any other way you like....I used a photo from National Geographic, wrapped the rope around the tree on the left and above&beneath the ropeclimber on the right.
For the 2nd one I took a page from a comicbook, used the string to hang the cookingpot.
Third assignment was making a background with painted tissuepaper, that was lots of fun and in the still wet tissue you can push lots of things, like eyelets etc, I used some bling-bling:-)). The picture didn't need to be glued either, stuck right into the wet tissue!
For the 2nd I used beads and a small mirror for embellishment and a nice photo from a catcalendar.

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