zondag 3 juni 2007

4connecting atc's 'grungy' style

I took a piece of glossy cardstock ,a little smaller than the size of 4 atc's.
Made the background using alcohol ink, glued on that a page of an old book, also covered with the same colors alcohol ink, then covered the whole with some gesso.
Rubberstamped randomly some background stamps, not too precise (grungy style), cut the paper into 4 atc's, put a printed photo on all 4, stamped a little more, also slightly on the photo's.
At the end I used some lids of various bottles, dipped them into the gesso and made circles on the atc's.
Then mounted all 4 on black cardstock.

The idea of the white circles is from another , very talented, Dutch stamper.

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  1. Your atc's are wonderful. I have just joined the group and I am overwhelmed. I don't even know where to start. Everyone seems so talented and then there is me. Anyway you did a terrific job and should be proud.... Linda R.