maandag 30 juli 2007

Week 8 with Bernie Berlin's workshops

This week we are making backgrounds with images on fabric and fibers.
1: no-sew fabric.
Draw, stamp of copy an image (black&white) on fabric (muslin) and color it with fabricmarkers, gelpens or any other item what works for you. Then iron it with fusible webbing (vlieseline) on a piece of felt.
I stamped the image of the woman and the hearts on a piece of cottonfabric and coloured it with Le Plume inkpens.

2. fused fibers.
The point is to -using fusible webbing (vlieseline)- get the fibers stuck on the backgroundpaper, then put some embossing powder over it and with another piece of fusible webbing heat it with your iron.
It makes a wonderful structure, almost a shame to put a picture over it.

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