zaterdag 6 september 2014


For challenge #183 on I am the diva.
UMT - X-did by Annette Carlo.

The X-did didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted, but I didn't want to start over.....

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Sometimes a tangle just doesn't resonate with me either. I'm enjoying looking at all the other entries though, and saying "Why didn't I see THAT???"

  2. I think your tile is lovely. I had problems with X-did. Nice work.

  3. Gerda, I think what you have done with 'X-DID' really looks great! It's just so neat to see how everyone has interpreted it! Thank you for giving it a try! Have a great one! :0) Annette Share Humanity

  4. Toch vind ik je X-Did variatie leuk, er lijken wel ogen in te zitten.
    Fijn dat je deze toch hebt gepost, ik doe dat ook altijd (behalve een paar lijnen deze week). Zentangle is toch 'het is wat het is'.